Connor and the Dare to Dream were privileged to be asked to perform at Chelsea’s Gala with The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation in Denver Colorado. Since then, Julie Henckel Hutchison has been a great support to the work that is being done by Connor this past 3 years. Last year The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation sponsored Connor for a SmartWatch Seizure Monitor. The SmartWatch allows Connor to be more independent. It detects when there is any abnormal movement that could be caused by a seizure and contacts up to ten family and friends with a text message to their phones. It also sends his location by GPS. We have just been informed that Smart-Monitor Cooperation is featuring photographs of Connor flying Revolution Kites taken by Lori S. Robinson. It begins at the the homepage and there is a link to more photos and information. We want to thank The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, Revolution Kites, Lolly Hadzicki, David Hadzicki and Joe Hadzicki and Lori S. Robinson for their support and sponsorship. We know there are many people that could benefit from support like this. For more information on the Smart Monitor go to :