Camp Discovery

Washington Epilepsy Foundation August 18-21 We are very excited to be heading to Camp Discovery on August 19th to share the benefits and fun of kiting! Camp Discovery is an amazing place for young people with Epilepsy to enjoy and participate in all the great fun in a...

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Sky Circus on Ice

We are excited to be heading to Delavan Wisconsin for the 2019 Sky Circus on Ice! 9 shows and lots of great fun! Come join us for a fantastic weekend at Lake Lawn Resort!

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Connor’s Smart Monitor

Thank you to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation for sponsoring Connor for the Smart Monitor he wears everyday. Connor and his Revolution kite are shown as one of the people who's lives have changed because of this amazing device. Full article below :...

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Trash Bag Delta Kite Kit

Trash Bag Delta Kite Instructions   This kite originally appeared in Margaret Greger’s book More Kites for Everyone (1990), available from the Drachen Foundation, Several years ago Sam Huston modified the measurements and added to the construction...

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Create Canon City Balloon Classic 2016

We have been flying fast this past two weeks and from Victoria BC Canada we headed straight to Canon City Colorado for the Create Canon City Balloon Classic!  Four shows at the local schools with the Dare to Dream message being shared with over 1000 students was an...

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Victoria International Kite Festival

With beautiful sunshine, a fantastic ocean view and great wind, it is no wonder why Clover Point Park is the place to go kite flying every spring. This year was the third year of Victoria International Kite Festival and when you look at some of the kites up in sky it...

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The Kite has an ability to make a difference in someone’s life. It is a gift to be able to pay it forward. Shared with permission. Edits to honor privacy.

November 2019

Hello Connor Doran,

First, a big thank you!

I have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Panic disorder, and I felt like I could never live and could never do anything. That’s when I met you, diagnosed with Epilepsy and Anxiety, went on AGT and got onto the top 12 people, versus 90,000 people and millions of people watching you!  I was amazed at how you just did that and showed my school!

After the show, I felt so engaged with your ability to do anything with Epilepsy and Anxiety. After the show, I knew I can do anything so I signed up for a play, Shrek. After the auditions, I got the lead! I felt so inspired that I did it because of you! I also really like your mom’s attitude with anxiety and how she said to never give up and look where I am now!

Again, a big thanks for helping me to do the show. I will give you some info about it as soon if you would like to come, and you are welcome to come.

Lots of thanks!