Dare to Dream at YOUR event

Bring the Dare To Dream Team to your school or event!
Connor Doran of America’s Got Talent Top 12 and the Dare To Dream Team has developed The Dare To Dream Program to inspire and encourage people of all ages to believe in themselves and their dreams. From bullying and how to deal safely with it, to reaching your life long dreams, this program inspires, delights and engages people of all ages.

From a recent interview with Robert’s Sister Website:
*The Dare to Dream Team has worked with many different groups of people around North America. It is not limited to people that have Epilepsy. It is about believing in your potential, and your dreams and how to reach them. Bullying is often done by people that do not believe in their potential. By teaching and talking to people, we not only help the persons that are being bullied, but we also reach the person that may be feeling like they need to bully in order to feel power over another. Thus, the program has the ability to help all that are involved. The kites themselves work as a way of having the “impossible” become possible right before their eyes. How many people think a kite can fly indoors? It seems impossible and yet, as they hear our story, and see it is indeed possible, it helps people realize they should not give up on things that seem out of reach. Connor Doran *

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