We are very excited about going to Victoria International Kite Festival. The festival will be at beautiful Clover Point park in Victoria BC. The event will start May 29tt and end on May 31th of 2015. Last year was the inaugural and needless to say, it was amazing. John Vickers and Terry Wiggle are the coordinators and they do an amazing job at making sure Victoria Kite Festival is an amazing, fun and family friendly place to be. Over 10,000 people at Clover Point Park came to the event last year. This year we expect that number to double. We will also welcome old friends back like the Headway Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson’s Centre in Victoria BC, which is an organization that promotes Epilepsy and Parkinson’s awareness. As someone who has suffered from Epilepsy his whole life it is great to see an organization that is involved with Epilepsy and Parkinson’s awareness get involved with kite flying as well. A big shout out to Victoria International Kite Festival. We can’t wait.