Dieppe Cerf-volant Kite Festival

August 14-18, 2013 Dieppe, CA In just 10 days we will head out of our new home airport at Seattle and head to Dieppe New Brunswick Canada to attend the Dieppe Cerf-volant Kite Festival. We look forward to flying with master kite artists from around the world. We will...

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New Digs, new Dentist!

Connor and the Dare to Dream Team are now working with Dr Andrew J. Kapust and the Getyoursmileon.com Team in Olympia Washington!  Excellent orthodontic and dental care and a friendly supportive staff have helped make the move to Washington a good one.  We highly...

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Dare to Dream moves to Washington!

These past 6 months has been full of exciting changes! We have moved to Olympia, Washington, which has put us much closer to the beach, and just down the road from Seattle Sea Tac Airport which saves travel time, and puts us closer to more events. Since the move,...

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New online interview with Connor

I did an interview recently, which is now online. It was a bit tough to talk about all the things that have happened, but I hopes it will help others in all aspects of their lives.. enjoy. What Epilepsy means to me, Connor Doran  

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Swinging with the Stars 2012

An amazing group of people willing to put in hours of practice to compete in Swinging with the Star! This Central Oregon event raises money to support the Sparrow Clubs. The Sparrow Clubs support and help with funding for the medical costs of seriously ill children.  ...

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World Changers Awards Gala Recap

The National Epilepsy World Changer Awards Gala was held at the historical Thomas Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC. A night of history, amazing people who have done incredible work to bring us closer to a cure of epilepsy, and inspiring performances and speakers....

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World Changers Award Gala

The National Epilepsy Foundation has invited Connor Doran to perform at the 2012 World Changers Award Gala at the Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC on September 12, 2012. We are truly humbled and honored to be included in this event. The world changes for 150,000...

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Rockaway Beach Update

There is more to this story, but we are only giving a small glimpse here. We headed first to Lincoln City Oregon to see Connor's favorite Judge Howie Mandel in Concert. Sitting in the first row gave a bird's eye view, but apparently it works both ways! Howie...

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Wisconsin and Wheaton

The Dare to Dream Team was originally slated to head to St Francis Wisconsin to perform at Deer Creek Intermediate School. But it seems that once one door opens, many more follow and it soon turned into a tour of 4 events in 48 hours! Starting off The Morning Blend...

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Connor featured in The Mini Page

We are very pleased to announce that Connor is featured in The Mini Page! The Mini Page is an award winning syndicated page by Universal Press Syndicate. This issue focuses on National Kite Month and Connor Doran!

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The Kite has an ability to make a difference in someone’s life. It is a gift to be able to pay it forward. Shared with permission. Edits to honor privacy.

November 2019

Hello Connor Doran,

First, a big thank you!

I have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Panic disorder, and I felt like I could never live and could never do anything. That’s when I met you, diagnosed with Epilepsy and Anxiety, went on AGT and got onto the top 12 people, versus 90,000 people and millions of people watching you!  I was amazed at how you just did that and showed my school!

After the show, I felt so engaged with your ability to do anything with Epilepsy and Anxiety. After the show, I knew I can do anything so I signed up for a play, Shrek. After the auditions, I got the lead! I felt so inspired that I did it because of you! I also really like your mom’s attitude with anxiety and how she said to never give up and look where I am now!

Again, a big thanks for helping me to do the show. I will give you some info about it as soon if you would like to come, and you are welcome to come.

Lots of thanks!