Canada Tour

In June of 2015 we are doing the Canada tour. When I say the Canada tour I mean we will be performing at several different kite festivals in Canada in June. The first one is the Grain de ciel à la Tohu Kite Festival in Montreal which is on the 6 and 7th of June. This...

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Cannon Ballon Festival

I am really excited to be performing at Cannon City Balloon Festival which will be held at the grounds of the Winery and Holy Cross Abby in Cannon City Colorado. The event will take place between May 22 and May 24th of 2015 and Bill Freda is the coordinator of this...

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Hermiston Oregon Trip

On May 7th 2015 we took a short trip to Eastern Oregon where we did a performance at the Hermiston Junior Academy in Hermiston Oregon. While we were there we talked to all the kids about the importance of living your dreams and accomplishing your goals no matter what...

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Victoria International Kite Festival

We are very excited about going to Victoria International Kite Festival. The festival will be at beautiful Clover Point park in Victoria BC. The event will start May 29tt and end on May 31th of 2015. Last year was the inaugural and needless to say, it was amazing....

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Phil Burks

This is our friend Phil Burks. Phil is an amazing flier and has inspired us all to be out there doing our best to share kiting with everyone of all ages, and abilities. He is now working with the TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) support groups to bring kiting as a way of...

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Connor and the Smart Monitor

Connor and the Dare to Dream were privileged to be asked to perform at Chelsea's Gala with The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation in Denver Colorado. Since then, Julie Henckel Hutchison has been a great support to the work that is being done by Connor this past 3 years....

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2013 Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Southern Oregon Kite Festival has just celebrated its 21st anniversary making it one of the oldest and biggest kite festivals in the United States. This festival has defiantly come a long way since its birth in 1993. Southern Oregon Kite Festival is located in...

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The Kite has an ability to make a difference in someone’s life. It is a gift to be able to pay it forward. Shared with permission. Edits to honor privacy.

November 2019

Hello Connor Doran,

First, a big thank you!

I have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Panic disorder, and I felt like I could never live and could never do anything. That’s when I met you, diagnosed with Epilepsy and Anxiety, went on AGT and got onto the top 12 people, versus 90,000 people and millions of people watching you!  I was amazed at how you just did that and showed my school!

After the show, I felt so engaged with your ability to do anything with Epilepsy and Anxiety. After the show, I knew I can do anything so I signed up for a play, Shrek. After the auditions, I got the lead! I felt so inspired that I did it because of you! I also really like your mom’s attitude with anxiety and how she said to never give up and look where I am now!

Again, a big thanks for helping me to do the show. I will give you some info about it as soon if you would like to come, and you are welcome to come.

Lots of thanks!